SEA UP & Ground Up Events presents: Lan-Tak (Langoy – Takbuhan) 2016

This year, the Swimming Enthusiasts’ Association of the University of the Philippines (SEA UP) partnered with Ground Up Events to bring you Lan-Tak 2016 (Langoy-Takbuhan 2016), the first aquathlon event hosted by the association for swimming and running enthusiasts from all over Mega Manila.

The event will showcase the organization’s mission of celebrating swimming in attaining holistic fitness, gaining camaraderie, and learning while in recreation. This will also be a wonderful opportunity to extend the value of sportsmanship and introduce balanced work-study-play lifestyle as the participants develop lifetime fitness.

Part of the proceeds of this event will go to SEA UP Outreach Programs as they try to reach out especially to some of the marginalized communities in the country. The larger portion will be channelled to the rehabilitation of the UP Swimming Pool, which was built more than three decades ago.

Watch out for more details soon.

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